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Hello People, this is West London Media Solutions; your friendly, local marketing solutions team.

And I have some poignant questions to ask you about your business…

Are you utilizing the internet, mobile and video marketing for your business? Do you know how to? Do you have the time?? Do you need help???

How is your business doing in this economy? Are you finding the old ways of business marketing are not working for you?

This is an epidemic across the globe: TV, Radio, Newspaper, Index Pages Don’t work like they used to.  Big companies such as Sony, Blackberry, Nintendo and Groupon have recently had to drastically reinvent their marketing strategies for their products and promotions. Big or small, don’t let this be you. Keep ahead of the game.

How is your advertising and marketing campaigns converting for you?

Have you considered the future of your business when it comes to your avenues of marketing?

If your business is doing well, do you know how to improve your profits even further and make it LAST?Sound-Equip-&-Cameras

Well, we at West London Media Solutions have a few new approaches to old marketing strategies;

Online promotion, mobile marketing and the use of video are the most cost effective ways of advertising in today’s world and, if done properly, can do a better job than any other form of marketing available to you! You can compete with and even beat a corporate campaign with these marketing solutions.

Are you getting new customers to your shop?

As you know people don’t roam around the shops like they used to when money was good. The internet is hurting the high street! You may be thinking; “I’ll just hold tight, see out this recession. Nothing works so what’s the point of investing in marketing?”

I can tell you, you need to have a GOOD online presence for today’s world whether you like the internet or not. It’s like the lottery; you’ve got to be in it to win it, but your chances aren’t as slim! With the internet you can position yourself with a strong chance to win and create your own luck, for the short term and the long term, but it has to be done right. West London Media Solutions can do this for you!

You NEED your Own Website

laptop tablet mobileYou need to position yourself for the long term. And in order to do that you need to have a website that is seen, attracts traffic and gets traffic.

You need a website that converts that traffic into customers, which equals cash, and a system that turns customers into reoccurring customers, which equals more cash, which equals stability, which equals longevity.

Google keeps changing its page rank rules, and therefore the way sites become popular on the internet keeps changing. Business do not have the time, the patients, the resources, the energy, the staff and the money to keep up with all the internet changes and the search engine guidelines.

That’s where we come in! West London Media Solutions can do your search optimization and social syndication for the best possible internet rankings.

Website Design Services.

Using Video Marketing to Promote your Business

Video Services TabPromoting your business through video is a form of online marketing that has only got better throughout the years and shows no signs of ever stopping. We’ll go as far to say as it will never stop, just improve through whatever new devices that will come!

It has grown in popularity in the world’s eyes (need I mention YouTube) and is seen as the ultimate way of taking in information; it is effective, easy and quick. Because of this, original and unique videos have become the most effective way of getting your message across. And it can be seen on laptops, mobiles, tablets, televisions and future technologies to come.

Video Services

Internet users want to see what your company has to offer and get a personal feel from you without having to go to your shop; video marketing is the best way to do this!

Obviously, it’s not just a case of you uploading this video to YouTube and hope for the best. Your video needs to be positioned in key places on the web, mainly your website, and optimized to be found easily.

You should always link back to your website, which will forever be your business hub. You can’t only rely on social networking sites.

Reasons why:

  • They may not be popular tomorrow,
  • They may change their rules tomorrow
  • Or they may not even exist tomorrow!

Social Networking Sites and Going Viral!

Social MediaYou need to have and utilise your own website, but you should still have a presence on social media sites to promote your business, as social networks is where most of your potential customers interact with each other.

With all your different social pages you should direct traffic to your site. Use your social campaigns to convert your social interaction into leads. Video is a very good attention grabber for this, and with a bit of luck and hard work, video gives you a chance of going viral. Corporate companies with multi-million pound budgets only wish and dream that they can go viral, which is something that you can achieve on a small budget. Going viral will mean your product or company is advertising itself for free, leaving you to concentrate on growing and perfecting your business.

We’re not talking about having millions of hits; we’re talking about targeted hits. If 100,000 viewers from your local area watched your video throughout the year, that would be amazing advertising for your business, especially if it only cost you a relatively small amount.

So, let me ask you…

  • Are your social campaigns working for you?
  • Are your customers coming back to your shop?
  • Do you know HOW to get customers back to your shop?
  • Are you promoting your services or offers to your loyal customers???

Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing

Mobile WebsitesWith Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing you can promote special offers, new services and discounts.

More and more people are using their mobile phones and not just computers and laptops to surf the web. A Mobile version of your site is a MUST for NOW and the future! People are busier and on the move, and more people own smart phones than laptops.

If your business has a quiet time you can use mobile marketing with special offers to attract people in at these times. Less and less people are opening their emails and 99% of people open their text messages.

A QR code is another cool tool that will add a whole new dimension to the way you promote your business. A QR code can be scanned by a smart phone and sends the customer directly to where you want them to go. You can put your QR codes on your business cards, leaflets and products that can lead people to your website, special offers, discounts, mailing lists, etc.

Being Mobile ready is the future…

West London Media Solutions: What we offer and how we work

Having said all of that, you need to have someone to put this marketing system in place for you…

And that’s where West London Media Solutions comes in!

We want to help and work with you to enable your business to thrive.

  • We can make you a video to present and promote your business.
  • We can help build you a website that will rank well within the search engines.
  • We can set up your ecommerce and get you earning good money through your website.
  • We can create a mobile site or a mobile App for your site.
  • We can help with your social networking presence and get you links to your site.
  • We can help with your email and mobile marketing campaigns.
  • And we can build your QR codes to help with your promotions.

QT-and-Haz-PicWest London Media Solutions can be your own personal marketing team. We won’t hide behind websites and suits. We’re real people with a fresh, new and creative approach. We’ll be one call away and we’re based in your local area, West London. We will sit down with you, discuss problems and work out solutions. We’re your personal team, working on marketing solutions suited and carved for your business.

What you’re paying us for is to provide the right media and marketing solution, set it up to last and to get you results that will convert into sales and bring you fresh new leads for your business. If you want to learn how to market yourself, we can be educators and consultants for you and your team.

Whether you want one of our services or all of them, we will give you a personal and thorough service at an affordable price. We’re highly creative, forward thinking, hardworking and unorthodox. We’re your independent media and marketing solution for today and the future.

So let us help you to generate leads and get your business viral!

West London Media Solutions, Your friendly, local marketing solutions team!

Please get in touch for your consultancy…