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The West London Media Solutions Team

QT-and-Haz-PicHi people, we are West London Media Solutions, a dynamic, creative and cutting edge team of unorthodox media experts located in West London. Our team all have the same thorough and efficient approach along with the same unique forward thinking style. We have the leverage of all the latest tools, equipment and software for the new age of business. Our core members are Jason Tingle (Owner, Founder & CEO) and Michael Hillier (Executive and Technical Manager).

Jason Tingle (CEO | Business Strategist | Multimedia Marketer)

Jason Tingle, a.k.a. Mr Q’ Tee, is the Business Owner and Founder of West London Media Solutions. He began earning money at 15 through DJing after school in West London. He continued and grew this determination into other businesses such as Music Production, Graphic Design and other creative avenues. At the same time as building his own businesses he was working a full time job in credit control, and still DJing! As he would say, he was “sharpening other skills for the future”.

Through Jason’s credit control job he learnt a lot about corporate business structure. He was mentored in this job by Alf Green, head of credit control at Harrods. It was the two of them in one office together collecting money from BUPA, PPP, private companies, wealthy clients and embassies for Old Court Hospital, which was a private hospital located in Ealing, West London. As you can imagine, there was a lot of old and new knowledge in that room! This honed his business skills, sales mentality, corporate finance skills and how to handle rich clients. This gave Jason the keys to the answers he wanted to know and him and Alf got on well, Alf even called him son!

Mr-Q'-TeeAt a young age Jason realized that being an entrepreneur was the future for him and he even delved into buying and selling at auctions. He has also traveled the world and experienced different cultures. He now wants to help the area where he was born in, raised in, grew up in, worked in, owns a house in, kids were born and go to school in; hence West London Media Solutions!
Jason built his own recording studio in 2005, which has now progressed into a multimedia studio. He delved into Professional Photography doing shoots for Models, Music Artists, Services, Products, Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays and Parties. This then developed into doing Video work, which was something he always wanted to add to his arsenal.Jason has spent his life learning and implementing successful independent business. He has shown that he is an expert in surviving, growing and excelling in the cut throat world of music and other businesses. He started his own Record Label, Quality Touch Entertainment, and was even releasing tracks on 12 inch white label records back in the Jungle days.

Along with a team member of his, Michael Hillier, he pioneered making “Road Videos” and “Freestyle Videos” of Urban Music Artists in West London, and publicizing it on YouTube and on DVDs. Jason also was the first in West London to do a DVD about the Urban Music Scene entitled “The Workshop DVD”. Another “brain child” of his is where, again with Michael, he shares his knowledge and skill in music production and business.

Jason Tingle is a Business Consultant, Business Strategist, Marketer, Life Coach, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Photographer, Video Director and more. He wants to help others succeed and spread his broad knowledge and experience, hence all aspects of life coaching. He has privately helped a lot of his personal friends and clients turn their fortunes around, increase their fortunes and become very successful in their business throughout the years. Now is his time to do it commercially and offer multiple new services, which accumulate from all the skills he has learnt over the past 25 years.

Jason has been investing his time and money into learning and implementing Internet Promotion and Modern Forward Thinking Marketing techniques. These marketing techniques include Online Promotion, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing, QR Codes, Video Marketing, Website Building and more.

He has gathered together a team of talented and collectively creative people who all work hard to professionally get the job done. If you want a natural born leader, an inspiring motivator who will produce a quick turnover and a specialist who will enable you to out beat your competition; then Jason Tingle is your man and West London Media Solutions is your team.

Michael Hillier (Executive Media Producer | Technical Operations Manager)

Michael Hillier, like Jason, grew up and lives in West London. He has always been a highly creative individual ever since he was toddler. His parents always encouraged him and supported him to do what he loved and Michael developed a passion for music production during his teenage years. It was through music that Michael met Jason in 2004 and Jason has been a mentor to him ever since.

Michael-HMichael then developed a passion for film and video, which led him to study Video Production at Buckinghamshire New University. This was something Jason also had a passion for and, along with their music, it became a natural partnership with both their skills complimenting each other.

They started off using Jason’s semi-professional camera, then Michael invested in his own Professional Broadcast Video Camera. They shot and edited Music Videos, Interviews, Documentaries, Club Nights, Events, EPKs, Blogs, Video Courses, Tutorials and Shop Adverts.

They are experienced in using quality video equipment and resources such as professional lighting, sound equipment, tracks and green screen. When filming Music Videos they utilized the Green Room to the max and filmed footage for 7 videos in one session! They have experienced dealing with a mass number of extras in club scene type music videos. Michael and Jason have also made video products of their own such as DVDs and Video Courses.

Through the combined experience of guerrilla, experimental and unorthodox filmmaking with Jason and the technical, industry standard, more orthodox filmmaking at university, Michael developed a unique style and approach to video production. Along with Jason’s creative style, together they have a unique style like no other! That’s the vibe you’re getting from West London Media Solutions!!

Finishing University at a time when jobs were sparse for graduates, Michael decided to freelance as a videographer with encouragement, support, guidance and help from Jason. Michael has now shot a lot of weddings, parties, Shop Adverts, Conferences and Seminars.

Through the mentoring of Jason, Michael came to realize that working independently suited him far more than working for a company or organisation. He has also learnt from Jason the mentality, work ethic and focus needed for such a route in life. At a time when businesses desperately need modern, quality and affordable marketing and presentation, Michael and Jason decided it was time to use their combined talents and skills to help their local community, hence West London Media Solutions.

Through Jason’s eagerness to explore new avenues and expand he has introduced Michael to more skills, tools and creative media. Michael has now developed a high technical ability in a range of media and marketing areas. Along with Video Production and Music Production, Michael is now an expert in Website Building, Online Promotion, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and more. His knowledge and skills have improved thoroughly and are still improving.

IMG_7332Michael is very technically minded and is an expert at technical problem solving, combined that with Jason’s knowledge of business and marketing they are the perfect team. The creative arts, media and marketing are what Michael loves doing and he does them well. Michael is passionate about excelling through helping others achieve their personal and business goals, and West London Media Solutions is a perfect platform for him to do this.

“We are West London Media Solutions, Let Us Help Your Business!”

With Jason and Michael’s combined abilities, their team of specialists, their quality equipment, tools and software; West London Media Solutions is the perfect Presentation, Marketing and Consultancy answer for your Business. Jason and Michael are passionate about helping independent businesses and entrepreneurs in their own community of West London. So let us help you generate more leads, generate sales, re-generate sales and grow your business to higher heights.

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