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Custom Designed QR Codes and Campaigns

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So what are QR codes? You must have seen those squares with funny patterns inside (you know the ones that look like gobaldigook!), well, these are QR Codes.

QR Codes are like barcodes that you scan with your mobile phone. Once scanned, customers immediately see a coupon, website, or another interactive image. The QR code can be linked to your mobile site. You can place it on Ads, Fliers, Leaflets, Direct Mail, In-Store signs, Magazines, or other media avenues. And West London Media Solutions can handle your multiple QR code promotion campaigns for you.

Custom Designed QR Codes

We have new cutting edge technology that enables us to create custom designed QR codes with your Logo in it! Check out some prototypes:

Granny Example 3 Granny Example 2 Granny Example 1

Google+ Example Facebook Example YouTube Example

Twitter Example QT Logo Example 3 QT Logo Example 2

QT Logo Example 1 Pinterest Example LinkedIn Example

So What Can You Do With a QR Code?

You can have QR Codes that:

  • Scan to Website.
  • Scan to your blog/info.
  • Scan to your service/product.
  • Scan for Discounts and Special Offers.
  • Scan to a Video.
  • Scan to your Social Page.
  • Scan for Social Voting (Like Button).
  • Scan to Subscribe/Join the Fan Club (then you can send your customers text & email reminders!)
  • Scan to make a booking.
  • Scan for VIP/Members.

Managing your QR Code Special Offers

(ie: discounts, coupons, promotions, limited time offers, VIP club, one time offers)

A QR code is a great tool to inform people about your special offers but it’s a hassle to keep changing your QR code or print different leaflets for different offers. We can manage your QR code campaigns. We can rotate the offers on your landing page so you don’t need multiple QR codes or multiple leaflets. Your code will always be “live”, no matter how old it is! Your leaflet will NEVER have to change, just what’s on your landing page. This will save you a lot of time and money on printing.

QR Code Service: The One Time Custom Design = £40

This service is for the design of the QR Code, which will be custom designed to match the look and style of your business.

We will consult you, and plan with you, your QR Code Campaign and utilize all of the resources and wealth of knowledge at our disposal. Make sure you have a look around the site at the rest of our services. Contact us to arrange your consultancy.

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