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Corporate, Clean & Smart Websites

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Impress your clients with one of our Corporate Clean & Smart Website Designs. These modern, easy to use designs have a stylish, friendly and dynamic interface. These websites have a clean cut feel combined with an unorthodox layout that creates an intriguing navigation experience for the visitor.

Within our Corporate Clean & Smart website design your page menus, listings, widgets, blogs, social buttons, maps and more are all clearly laid out in a slick, highly visual way containing both images and text. Through the use of thumbnails, icons, smooth borders and titles your clients will be able to navigate through your site and find what they want effortlessly. Our Corporate Clean & Smart Website designs have all you need to present your business in a clean, professional and highly effective manner.

Desktop Websites


  • These websites have the option for a picture slide or video that will fit in beautifully above the fold of your site.
  • You can have an opt-in form or subscription box to capture your clients’ emails instantly making it a great lead generator.
  • Auto-responder capabilities.
  • Dynamic Home Page layout: The layout of the menus, listings and widgets are done in a visually smart and customer friendly way.
  • Social Voting and Linking Buttons capabilities.
  • The Option to have your Phone Number and Logo in the Header.
  • Built in Testimonial Capabilities. Show off how much people like your business with theme styled testimonies including a photo of the happy customer.
  • The option for Google Maps so that customers can find you.
  • Google Translate for different languages.
  • Multiple pages that are interlinked with each other.
  • The backend of the site will be set up with SEO to get you the best possible net visibility.

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Advantages of Having a Website Designed by Us

  • We’re not faceless and come with a personal approach.
  • We design sites that are tailored around you, your business and your niche.
  • We do sites for ourselves too and we keep up to date, therefore we are up-to-the-times professionals.
  • We know how to get the best out of Google and the other search engines to give your site the best chance of being seen.
  • The internet is forever changing and we are always researching those changes and researching plug-ins and tools to improve our service and product. If you get a site with us you know you’re up to date. You’ll have a current, high performing engine as well as a beautiful front end website.
  • We do various different styles of websites, so make sure you have a good look around.
  • We are not just website experts; we are also expert in social networking, internet visibility, videos, mobile and more. So we understand how to utilize all these aspects on your site. (Have a look around the site to see what more we offer.)
  • You can grow with us. We are forever growing and improving. As your site and business evolves we will have the right tools, services and new designs ready for you that you’ll need to expand and improve in the right way. And has everything here in one place!
  • All our designs consider user friendliness, where people’s eyes are drawn to, keeping customers on your site and getting customers into your funnel, your company’s style and having effective visual appeal.
  • Your Backend will be set up with SEO improve your net visibility.
  • We have access to up-to-date technology and we are always searching for more exclusive tech from our cutting edge programmers.

Website Design Pricing

ALL packages have a monthly fee of £25 for Hosting and Maintenance.

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