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It should be obvious to most of you that in this day and age, your own effective Website is a MUST HAVE! You CANNOT ignore it anymore! You NEED a website that gets you customers and beats your competition. You need a website that truly captures the visitor, keeps their attention and compels them to take action!!!

Our websites automatically adjust to fit any size monitor or mobile device and are modern, easy to use, stylish and dynamic. A website from us is all you need to present your business in a clean, professional and highly effective manner.

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Your Website NEEDS to be Multi-Platform Ready: Desktop, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet Compatible!!!

Your website needs to be effective across platforms; whether it’s a wide screen monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, your website needs to be appealing across ALL these devices:

Mobile Smart Phones (Such as iPhones and Android Phones):

Your customers are on the move, on the train, on the bus, on the road, at work, having lunch, having coffee; all these places they have their mobile smart phones with them and will be using the internet on their phones. You want them to be able to see your mobile optimized site at these times, rather than see an awkward desktop site, and view, select and order in the most user-friendly way.

Tablets (Such iPads and Kindle Fire):

Your customers may also be relaxing at home or in the park, at a conference, at college and are carrying their Tablet with them. You also want your site to adjust to a tablet screen so that customers can view, select and order and get the most out of your site on their tablets.


Desktop computers are becoming old news now but your customers may still use them and are essential for certain professions, such as music producers, video editors and graphic designers.


And as I’m sure you know, whether at home or at work, laptops are commonly used for the internet and your customers will check out your site from their laptop.

No matter what size monitor or mobile device our Multi-Platform Ready sites adjust to fit all devices, so that you can view, select and order in the most user-friendly way for each specific device.

Additional Website Features

We can also make your site stand out even further with Floating Social Buttons, Attention Grabbing Image Sliders, Video Player Skins, Eye Catching Banners and lots MORE!!!

Not only do we create you an attractive, dynamic, engaging and lead capturing site, we will also host the site for you, optimize your site for the search engines and maintain the site for you, so you don’t have to deal with no one else but us. And with the other services we provide, such as professional video, photography and branded social pages, we are your one-stop shop for all your media marketing purposes.

STOP LOSING OUT to your Competition!!! Get yourself a professional looking, creatively built website that gets you customers and makes you money NOW!!

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Multi-Platform Website Pricing:

ALL packages have a monthly fee of £25 for Hosting and Maintenance.

(More details about the “Economy Contact Combo” Package Below Price Chart)

Economy Contact Combo

If your budget is low but you want a website that will impact your visitors straight away and a mobile website that is targeted to capture emails and phone numbers then our Value & Economy Website & Mobile Package is the one for you. Although the site design is within a simple template, we will match your company feel and do you a unique header.


  • Straight to the point and a good capture site.
  • It’s value for money.
  • It has a built in Capture form.
  • Multiple pages that is interlinked.
  • It has a Matching Mobile capture page with an opt-in form (captures emails and mobile numbers).
  • The Mobile page has your business phone number and specific details.
  • Option for a video that’s extremely visible as soon as customers arrive at your site.
  • Standard Social links and standard social voting.
  • Customized header.
  • The Option to have your Phone Number in the Header.
  • The option for Google Maps so that customers can find you.
  • Google Translate for different languages.
  • Built in Testimonial Capabilities. Show off how much people like your business with theme styled testimonies including a photo of the happy customer.
  • Auto-responder capabilities.
  • Your Backend will be set up with SEO for the best possible net visibility.

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