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Are you using social media? Well you should be! Social media is vital for your online presence in today’s world. People are spending a hell of a lot of their internet time on social networking sites.

Social Networking sites are the fastest growing craze on the internet.  And showing that your site is linked and connected to Social Networks and integrated with them will boost your search engine rankings.

Sharing and Voting

West London Media Solutions can put customized social voting buttons on your site; including “share” and “like” for Facebook, “tweet” for Twitter, “Plus 1” for Google Plus, “digg” for Digg, “pin-it” for Pinterest and most other social networks. Google loves these votes because they’re seen as true and honest from your friends and the public at large. So for high rankings it’s a must.

Social Media

Through social media users can like and share pictures, videos, songs, blogs, articles, webpages and even websites. And it’s not just through buttons; they can copy and paste a direct link onto their social page.

When someone likes, shares or votes for something of yours it shows up on their social profile page, and their friends will see it. They can also use social networks to recommend directly to their friends. Social media users can interact with each other about your online material, and the more people interact the more it gets seen. So social networking expands your visibility and gives you the strong potential to go viral.

  • Ok. so you ARE using Social Media… Well, are your social campaigns working for you?
  • Are your social pages keyworded and meta-tagged correctly?
  • Are your social pages syndicated and optimized for the best possible search engine rankings?
  • Have you got quality backlinks linking back to your site correctly?
  • Are your social pages linking to each other?
  • Do all your campaigns follow the new Google guidelines? (i.e. Panda & Penguin)
  • We can help you achieve this and MORE!

Streamlining and Optimizing your Social Networking

  • We can help to make your social interactions more thorough, more targeted to your local community, more automated and less time consuming. This will all produce leads.
  • We can set up your social pages to direct traffic to your site and get the right people on your mailing list.
  • West London Media Solutions can also create eye catching designs for your social pages, utilising the layout of the page and encouraging people to interact, like, comment, opt-in and visit your website.
  • We will set up, optimize, syndicate and design pages for your business on Facebook, Google+, Google Local, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest and YouTube.

A Google Plus Business Page and a Google+ Local page

(A must have for all you bricks and moulter businesses, and net based business)

Google is the overlord of the internet. They have the most popular search engine by far. They have the most user targeted search. They have the most used map service, Google Maps, and local directory, Google+ Local (which was Google Places). They own Youtube, the world’s biggest video site and lots more!

1340742764_google_plus_4And now they’ve started a social platform, Google+, which is the last piece of the puzzle to their empire. Google Places closed down and became Google+ Local, which is a part of Google+. All of Google’s sites and services will link together through Google+, so this new platform of Google’s is to be taken very seriously!

Google is creating a world of sites and services to completely take over the web user’s experience as we know it! Google Plus has over 100 million users and is growing fast. Trust me; Google Plus is a must for now and the future.

Google+ Local is the most used local search and mobile’s can find Google Local listings automatically through GPS, you know you NEED to be a part of that and your local search in general, or how else will people find you.

We will build, customize and optimize your Google Plus and Google+ Local pages for maximum results and leads.

Facebook Business Timeline

You and your business needs to make use of the world’s largest and most used social networking website, Facebook.

  • —  Facebook has 1 BILLION users!
  • —  If the company were a country, it would be the third largest in the world.
  • —  More than 50% of Facebook users log in everyday.

Even though the stats will go up and down, almost all people in your local community, male and female, young to old, are on Facebook. You just need the right set up and then the right campaigns to tap into your market.

Facebook’s Timeline layout can be utilised in extremely effective and new ways for business.

A Facebook Business Timeline is great for:


  • —  Branding your business
  • —  Increasing awareness about your products and services
  • —  Acquiring new customers
  • —  Using Facebook to connect with your customers
  • —  Gaining Feedback on your products and services
  • —  Creating a community of people on your page
  • —  Spreading the “buzz” about your business
  • —  And Getting lots of traffic to your site

West London Media Solutions can set up, design and optimize your timeline in such a way that it will attract users, keep their attention and get them to your site.


Pinterest is a virtual pin board. It allows users to collect photos and link to products, videos, blogs, websites and services they love, and then share it.

  • Pinterest has had 10 Million new visitors in 1 month – faster than any independent site in history.
  •  Pinterest has over 10 Million registered users and growing.
  •  Pinterest generates more traffic than Youtube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.
  • Over 80% Pins are Re-pins!

Pinterest 2This means that Pinterest is a social networking site with AMAZING Viral Potential!

There are already loads of businesses using Pinterest: Food, Television, Beauty, Fashion, Retail, Sport, Health, Home Improvement, Travel, Non Profit and More. You have to get involved!

With Pinterest you can:

  • Showcase your brand
  •  Promote your best selling products
  •  Help your business to go viral and have a huge social media presence
  •  Generate free Pinterest traffic to your website
  • And Generate a buzz about your business

We can build you an optimized and syndicated Pinterest profile that you can maximize for all this viral potential.

(ADD ON) We can also build you a separate Pinterest style webpage that will utilise this potential on your own platform. This is exclusive technology and has never been done before. We are proud to say that we are part of the first selected group of people in the world to have this technology and we’re rolling it out exclusively for our clients.


1340744113_Follow meTwitter is the most used social networking platform for latest news in the world. Some say Twitter is dead but it’s great for syndication. It’s a great way to keep your following up to date and has big viral potential.

We can set you up with a well designed Twitter profile. We can also set you up with an automated posting system so you don’t have to even login to your twitter account (If you order the full syndication package).


Why Youtube?

  • Youtube is the world’s most popular video sharing website.
  • 800 million plus unique visitors use Youtube every month

1340744277_youtube_shopVideo is the most effective way to get your information across. Businesses need to use online video to advertise their products and brands.

Along with video creation, we can create and optimize your Youtube channel and video pages.

You can do service promotion videos, video blogs, tutorial videos, testimonial videos and more!

This is the fuel for your Grande pre engine!

With YouTube you can also:

  • Leave comments and video responses on other peoples videos within your niche
  • Reply to people leaving messages on your videos
  • And Link to your site and other social pages

We can give your Youtube Channel the syndication it needs to turbo-boost your rankings by keywording and optimizing it correctly.

Social Media Integration

Each of these social media sites has different strengths to each other and they complement each other. We will interlink all your social pages to your website and to each other. Your website should be the central component of your social networking strategy.

As a bonus we will set up a system for you that automates your social posting so you don’t have to go to all your pages to post the same thing.

Social voting is so important to your search engine rankings, therefore syndicating your social pages is VITAL to any online success! West London Media Solutions can be your social media team and get you results.

And along with our other services; video, website building, mobile marketing, consultancy and more; we can be all you need to promote your business and get you leads and sales.

And now, you have a greater understanding on social syndication, the service that YOU need!

Stay Blessed!

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Custom Social Page

1. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest or LinkedIn, we custom design your social page matching the branding and feel of your company.

2. We will also keyword optimize it to make it more visible to the search engines.

3. We will link the page to your website in a highly visual way, this will help to increase your click through rates.

Social Package

1. This package includes 6 Custom Designed Social Pages of your choice ALL branded to match each other and your website.

2. They will all interlink to each other and to your website in a highly visual way.

3. We will also keyword optimize each page

4. AND give you a jump start in utilizing your new social presence with our Social Automation Resources Pack.

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