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Video Marketing Services

You are using video, right???

1340742550_videocamIf you’re not using video marketing to promote your business you’re way behind the pack!

And if you are using video marketing, is it done creatively, professionally and with personality??

If it’s not, you may be missing out on a HUGE number of leads!

West London Media Solutions can do unique and high quality professionally produced videos at prices that the everyday business man can afford. See some examples.

So let me ask you…

  • Do your customers really understand your products and services?
  • Have customers ever seen a demonstration of your products and services, showing them what your products can do for them, which gives them the reason to buy?
  • Are web-users buying from your Website??
  • Do you know how to turn your web visitors into shop visitors and get them buying from you on autopilot???

If your answer is “no” to these questions, it will be because you are not using video marketing or various media platforms effectively to present and promote your business services.

Click here for Examples of our Videos…

Video Marketing is the Perfect Way to get your Message Across

Video 5The use of video marketing to get your message across is one of the most cost effective ways of advertising in today’s world. Internet users want to see what your company has to offer and get a personal feel from you without having to go to your shop; video is the best way to do this. You need to use video marketing to cater for the new way that most people like to take in information.

You need to spend money on presenting yourself. If you haven’t spent money on presenting your product, how do you expect others to buy your product?

You NEED to have a good, well presented and professional video. We can do that for you.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, if you don’t present yourself properly no one will hire you! You can’t convert and get leads, I’m sorry to say, with crap presentation or a crap video. Let’s be real here, you know that’s the truth, and we’ll always tell you the truth!

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, plumber, hairdresser, flower shop owner, car dealer or fitness instructor, you need to present your service professionally and uniquely. And why not do that with a creative and personal video that you can use again and again to show to clients and put on your different web pages.

Video Marketing is the New Leaflet and More!

Video is the new leaflet and it lasts a lot longer. You don’t have to duplicate thousands and there are virtually ZERO distribution costs!

  • Let your video Sell your Product or Service and get Subscribers.
  • Let your video promote your discounts, offers and events.
  • Let your video show your personality and your company’s feel.
  • You can put this video on your website, blog, social pages and video sites like YouTube.
  • Let your video pitch for you and get you leads.
  • Let your video repeat your promotion so you don’t have to!

Click here for Examples of our Videos…


Let your video work for you 24/7, 365 days a year (and 366 on a leap year) as I’m sure your sales reps can’t and won’t! But like I said, why not let your video marketing work for you for free!

Video Marketing will enable you to spread your information around in a more effective way than just text. People can watch it on their mobile phone, watch it on their iPads, you can put it all over the web and make DVD packages of your videos. And remember, a video has the potential to go viral!

A video will give your site a face lift, and we can also take professional photographs of your business to help with this.

With video marketing you can do a lot more than have just one video promoting your business; you can do video blogs, tutorial videos, TV adverts and more!

Video Marketing: What we offer and how we work

But you probably don’t have the time, the resources or the energy to do all of that, that’s where West London Media Solutions comes in…

We can visit your business and give you a full consultancy, discussing what your business needs to promote itself, getting your plan of action and strategy right.

Video-in-the-Green-Room-3We’ll plan the video out thoroughly; Script it, plan out the shots, film it, take photographs, interview you (if you wish), then edit it altogether into a styled unique packaged video just for you, to use to present and promote your business to the world!

We at West London Media Solutions are experienced directors and we can make your promotion video look like an advert that would suit the television.

We can also film your events, film your seminars, film your product and service demonstrations, professionally film and edit your blogs, film testimonials of your business, make you a professional TV advert; whatever you need filming we can do it professionally, quickly and creatively.

We can turn YOU into a package; film and edit your videos and help build your brand. If you’re a fitness trainer, yoga instructor, life coach, teacher, chef, masseuse, DIY or how to expert, whatever, you can make your videos into a product or promotion. Use your existing skills, knowledge and services to enhance your brand line.

Click here for Examples of our Videos…

For Video Production services, you’re in professional hands. We are a vibrant, funky and fresh young crew of filmmakers and we understand and overstand the craft, and we also do marketing too!

We want to help and work with you to enable your business to thrive.

West London Media Solutions: More Services

Along with video marketing we can also:

  • Help build you a website that will rank well within the search engines.
  • We can set up your ecommerce and get you earning good money through your website.
  • Create a mobile version of your website and a mobile App of your site.
  • Help with your social presence and get you links to your site.
  • We can help with your email and mobile marketing campaigns.
  • And build your QR codes to help with your promotion.

QT-and-Haz-PicWe can be your own personal video production and marketing team. We’re real people with a fresh, new and creative approach. We’ll be one call away and we’re based in your local area, West London. Whether you want our video production services, online marketing or consultancy services, we will give you that personal touch because that’s what we do!

Our philosophy has always been to be highly creative, highly strategized, forward thinking, hardworking, to remain unorthodoxed and be heavy on implementation.

Click here for Examples of our Videos…

West London Media Solutions, your friendly, local video and marketing solutions team.

So get in touch for your consultancy…

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